The Vision of a group responsible and committed

Groupe Sica Atlantique is the leading port logistic operator of the regional agricultural industries.

Vincent Poudevigne, CEO

Our aim is to strengthen this leading role as key player and unifying actor, for the interest of our shareholders and clients through the quality of our services and our know-how.
Thus by the synergy of our activities we envisage to improve continuously our offers in logistics, handling and others port services.
We embrace the innovative and emergent sectors that can create added value for the group and its partners.
We develop our activities in a consistent way with controlled risks towards other types of products or industries, or other ports or location of the French Atlantic coast.
To achieve that goal, we develop partnerships on long terms basis with relevant companies that share our values.
We fully intend to balance economically our activities in order to sustain our projects.

This approach dictates our relationships with our clients, our staff, our partners and local authorities and administrations, in the respect of the environment, the laws and regulations and within our sustainable development policy.
This approach is supported by our code of values : “E.T.R.E”. which stands for Commitment, Transparency, Respect, Equity.


The values
of a socially committed group

Codes of values

Commitment, face any kind of situation

ur successes and achievements are proof of our commitment.
Our conviction, our courage and our perseverance are the fuel to achieve our goals.
We take our individual and collective responsibilities.
We do as we say.

Transparency: to address complexity by clear communication

We say what we do.
We communicate in a simple, precise and consistent way.
We listen to each other with respect and goodwill.
We share information with all the parties, staff and partners.

Respect: caring for the human nature and the events

The esteem, the benevolence and the ability to listen to each other bring harmony.
Following the rules of good manners boost our relationships.
We bear in mind our behaviour and our way of communication.
We expect reciprocity.

Equity: we share the successes as we share the difficulties

Work is organized fairly and acknowledged at its due value.
We answer to request clearly, taking into account the general interest.
We implement our decisions with honesty and fairness.
We communicate and act consistently and ethically.

Sustainable development is the backbone of our corporate social commitment

Corporate Social Commitment

Our activity is a sustainable one by definition, and we are particularly decisive that it should remain so.

We are working to minimise the industry’s entire impact on the environment. We favour renewable products and solutions in order to adapt consistently the production level to the requirements.

Our involvement comes in five strategic axes.

+ Our aim to strengthen our leading role as key player and unifying actor.
+ Our will to improve and up-date continuously our offers in logistics.
+ Our full intention to achieve a sustainable economic performance.
+ Our participative approach that involve all our staff.
+ Our commitment to communicate and share information with all stakeholders involved.
These strategic axes are rolled out through action plans which are thoroughly followed by indicators and published in our annual sustainable development report.

Acknowledgement of our values
through our sponsoring!


Our sponsoring are carefully chosen to sustain our values.
Each of them is managed internally by several staff members who support it and drive it.

Stade Rochelais


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