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Groupe Sica Atlantique : 10 activities, 6 divisions

Allfast-Shipping, Agence Maritime Thomas, Atena, Atol, Delpech Maritime, Envirocat Atlantique, Eva, Sica-Atlantique, Sisp… major operator of the Atlantic Coast, the Groupe Sica-Atlantique and its affiliates are providing comprehensive, tailor-made and diversified port logistics services.

The Groupe Sica ATLANTIQUE was born at the end of the 50s from the strong will of a few pioneers in the grain export sector. Around 80 grain operators decided to gather their strengths to build the first port silo dedicated to export.

Louis Tercinier, President of the Board

Group Sica Atlantique’s aim is to maintain is historical leadership as the main regional port logistic operator of the agricultural and agro-industrial sector.

Vincent Poudevigne,

Our goal is to facilitate the agricultural industry logistic, thus to adapt our services to the requirements of all the sectors -particularly for the end users.

Vincent Poudevigne,

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